In a tight labor market, locating candidates who are qualified, and culturally-fit can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you take a reactionary approach and wait until a position opens to begin looking, it makes the task even harder.

A proactive approach is critical to ensuring your organization brings in top talent aligned with your company values through an efficient hiring process that minimizes wasted time and investment. This approach should include recruiting passive job seekers; individuals who are employed, but who would be open to changing jobs if the right opportunity came along.

Recruiting passive candidates easier said than done, however. Below are a few strategies you can use to lure passive job seekers to your company.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Your business probably uses online branding to attract customers and clients, and the same principles can be used to attract passive job seekers. Featuring your business culture and your company brand on your website and through social websites can appeal to those who aren’t in a rush to get a new job, but who are open to other career possibilities.

Have an Active Referral Program

Enthusiastic and engaged staff members can be a great source of passive job seekers and incentivizing staff members to refer connections for open positions should result in a massive return on that investment. Worker referrals offer the highest hire ratio of any recruitment channel. Moreover, referred workers tend to report greater job satisfaction and have a longer retention rate than those who applied through traditionally means.

Be Active in the Local Community

Many highly-driven and talented professionals are very involved in their local business community. If you’re not participating in local and industry events, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with passive job seekers. A good way to boost visibility and fortify your brand is to host events, opening your facilities up to outsiders and letting them meet your employees.

Avoid Cold Calling through Networking

Passive job seekers are open to talking about job opportunities, but they’re less likely to take opportunities seriously if they come via cold call.

Instead of cold calling, focus on connecting to passive candidates either directly or through someone they know. Set an objective of having referrals represent 50 percent or more of the people you consider for any given open position.

Work with a Staffing Partner

When your company works with a staffing partner, it instantly adds the company’s network of passive talent, significantly raising the odds of rapidly filling open jobs.

A good employer brand helps bolster the efforts of an outside hiring partner. When a staffing company reaches out to passive applicants, those professionals will take a look your business to figure out what it’s all about. Ensure they can find a section on your website devoted to your missions and culture. Be sure your social accounts reflect your business brand and showcase your employees.

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