Thanks to all kinds of emerging technology, economic forces, and shifting demographics, recruiting is rapidly evolving: old habits are fading away and disruptive new approaches are being embraced.

New recruitment technologies are on the rise at a time when the US economy is buzzing, and a tight labor market is placing added stress on recruitment efforts. With five generations currently sharing the workplace and demographics in a state of flux, employers must make certain they’re attracting and hiring people in ways that speak to each generation’s values. As a result of the higher usage of technology, recruitment has seen many transformations in recent years, and the change is expected to continue.

To face emerging challenges, recruiters are leveraging all kinds of process and technology solutions. Many of these solutions will have a lasting impact and shape the trends of tomorrow. Below is a shortlist of forces that are expected to shape recruitment trends of the not-too-distant future.

The Rise Automation and AI

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to accurately predict that automation and artificial intelligence are going to impact recruiting over the next decade. These technologies are going to impact every aspect of business, and recruitment is going to be just one aspect of that overall disruption.

In fact, these technologies are already being used and human resource departments. A recent survey by the HR Research Institute and Oracle found 77 percent of HR departments saying they expect to use AI in their talent acquisition operations to some degree.

Currently, AI is mostly used for screening applicants and applications. But the technology can also be used to provide a better candidate experience and expand an organization’s talent pool. Instead of sourcing candidates the old-fashioned way, an AI algorithm can be trained to find candidates for a specific job opening in a matter of seconds. This increased efficiency gives HR professionals and recruiters more time to focus and in-depth tasks.

In-depth Vetting

With the additional time provided by technologies like AI, HR professionals and recruiters are more able to vet applicants deeply. For instance, recruiters have been increasingly turning to screening tests, such as writing assignments, candidate presentations or analysis of a task typically associated with the open position.

Some recruiters are increasingly using video interviews to screen candidates. Video interviews offer the chance to more deeply analyze a candidate’s performance and get a better sense of their soft skills.

An Economic Downturn

While the US economy has been chugging along for more than a decade, the bull market is not going to last forever. An economic downturn is likely coming, and this is expected to have a massive impact on recruitment.

Nobody wants an economic downturn, but one of the positives that could come out of it would be a loosening of the labor market. If companies go out of business and/or massive layoffs take place, recruiters will have an easier time finding and hiring top talent. However, the challenge will be sifting through large amounts of low-quality applications.

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