Artificial intelligence (AI) infiltrated the recruiting and hiring processes several years ago with the use of more advanced application tracking systems (ATS). There are good influences with the expanded use of AI, and there are influences we should be wary of. Let’s explore how AI influences your recruitment and hiring process.

Benefits of using AI for hiring:

Smart and faster screening of candidates – AI can screen resumes, tag qualified applicants and provide applicant history. As the recruiter and/or hiring manager, you can establish required and desired skills, certifications and previous job titles to match possible candidates to positions. Your ATS system, powered with these qualifiers, will review and sort resumes finding possible matches and filing away non-matches.

As you sort through your possible matches, the ATS, powered by AI, can tell you historical applicant history, such as whether they applied to your company before; what the outcome was; and for what position.

The storage of resumes can also be used when new positions are available, allowing you to access a pool of previous applicants that may be qualified for the position.

  • Removal of human biases is one of the big benefits of using AI in the hiring process. Humans can be subjective and remove candidates that are qualified and should be considered for an interview.
  • Creating a positive candidate experience is important in a competitive job market like we are in today, along with high-demand roles in technology, executive leadership and business intelligence. There are AI systems that can engage with candidates via a chat box feature and present questions to the applicants based on job requirements, provide personalized updates and give feedback on the hiring process. AI systems can also send emails, schedule appointments and set automated reminders and follow-up tasks.
  • Recruiting metrics are used by the more sophisticated AI systems and feature dashboards for each role that is being recruited for. It aggregates the source of where candidates came from, allowing companies to learn their best recruitment methods. It also provides visibility to all stakeholders on the number of candidates who applied and a complete funnel view of each stage of the hiring process.
  • Passive recruitment with bots – AI uses bots to crawl the web and scour hundreds of sites, including personal websites, user groups and tech chat rooms, in addition to traditional social media sites such as LinkedIn. Not only do these bots find a good match, but they also predict the likelihood that someone is open to a job change. Matching the candidate to the job description and predicting the likelihood they would switch is one of the best ways to make a successful hire.
  • Creating better job descriptions – AI algorithms can apply different skills scenarios, allowing employers to see how minor revisions to a job description can return different results – in real time. With employer feedback, these algorithms can learn to search for new candidates that best fit the job description.

Keeping It Human

Technology is great. It creates efficiencies, it removes potential bias and it finds passive, qualified candidates – so what’s the catch?

AI still can’t qualify candidates for communication skills, empathy and signs of leadership qualities. A combined approach of technical, AI-based recruitment along with working with an experienced recruiting firm is the only way to ensure your final candidates have both the soft skills needed to succeed in your company, and the technical skills to accomplish their role.

Let Jarvi Group be Your AI and Human Recruiter

The recruiting process is often time-consuming and costly for businesses. If you only rely on networking, job boards and ATS, you run the risk of high turnover and low hiring performance. Allow Jarvi Group to take the stress of the recruiting process off your shoulders. Contact the staffing experts at Jarvi Group today!

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