Every company is driven by successful hiring and some companies find they have more success when they outsource parts of their hiring process.

Also referred to as recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), outsourcing parts of a hiring process is a popular practice because of convenience and return on investment. Some other reasons organizations choose to outsource hiring include the need to improve hiring results, lower turnover rate, manage rapid growth or handle seasonal shifts in operations.

The follow approaches are typically considered when determining the costs of outsourcing hiring.

Candidate Sourcing

In this type of outsourced recruitment process, candidates who are well-suited to the open position are identified. Usually, the candidates’ fundamental qualifications are affirmed by the recruiter. Candidates in this process are provided with some background on the client and then referred for the remainder of the process to the client’s hiring managers.


In this type of process, the talent acquisition company deals with the writing of a job description, sourcing of candidates, vetting, background screening and interview prepping for a client’s open positions. Hiring managers merely have to interview a few select applicants. The talent acquisition company can assist in setting up interviews and setting compensation.

Normally, this service costs somewhat more than candidate sourcing, but it can be a more cost-effective process because of its speed and efficiency.

Cost-Related Factors

RPO can entail many facets of the recruitment and candidate selection process, depending mainly on the quantity of time and money a client wants to invest. In general, a client gets a lot of a service from a provider, quite often saving substantial costs and time investments. Just how much this service costs is dependent upon the services a client needs and how heavily they want the hiring team to get involved in the inner working of the company.

As you assess employment agencies, it’s critical to figure out what services you need and how frequently you want to engage regarding the standing of open positions. A good talent acquisition team ought to be engaged and proactive during various candidate selection processes.

The candidate resumes and reports an RPO company provides ought to match the values and goals of your business. When you are offered candidates to interview, you ought to be receiving support and feedback from the staffing partner. The applicants ought to have some understanding of your business and be enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for you.

Think about these factors as you assess the costs of collaborating with a staffing team, because a good one can offset upfront costs by saving your business a lot of time and money while boosting the quality of hires.

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