Working with a recruiting firm is an investment and there are many pros and cons to partnering with a recruiting firm, but the positives are far greater than the negative.

Most businesses have a department or some personnel that are completely capable of hiring top talent, but when hiring personnel is spread thin, or there is a need for specific expertise, recruiting companies are an incredible resource that many companies turn to for their talent needs. A recruiting company can provide its clients the network, expertise and advocacy required to recruit the top talent their clients need.

If your company is currently looking to bring in industry expertise, consider the following reasons you should partner with a recruiting firm.

A Strong Network

Businesses often turn to recruiting companies for their extensive network. Recruiters meet with every applicant they represent, and great recruiters work to develop relationships with the most qualified applicants, often meeting with them numerous times. Good relationships are usually founded on face-to-face meetings, and when a recruiting company does this, it’s a massive timesaver for their clients. Not only do the clients of recruiting firms get to meet applicants who have been strongly vetted, but they also get connected to these candidates by a company that thoroughly understands their culture and working environment.

Businesses also partner with recruiters for their community networks. In addition, having a deep understanding of the talent in various industries, they live in the community where they recruit, which gives them expert geographic and cultural knowledge. Taken in total, recruiting personnel know the particulars of the regional market and can supply the expertise that can’t be had through an online-only presence.

Industry Expertise

Staffing agencies often have a degree of expertise and knowledge that surpasses that of many internal human resource departments. Even though your company may have dedicated hiring staff, those folks may be short on time and resources. At a recruiting company, the hiring personnel provides services to their clients, and in the field, they’re looking to staff. Staff members of recruiting agencies also commonly have a greater degree of expertise associated with job requirements, job seeker priorities, various trends and recruitment processes thanks to their constant placement of talent.

A Strong Advocate

When a recruiting company approaches job seekers that they know with an open position, they’re ostensibly discussing and marketing a company’s brand. By default, a recruiter’s job is to advocate on behalf of their client, as much as it is to locate top talent by promoting and screening industry experts. Simply put, a good recruiting company advancing a company’s brand while contacting and vetting top talent.

Incidentally, a recruiting company can also offer advice on how a company should be marketing itself and its open positions in the labor market.

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