Does your employee training for your technology employees go beyond job-related training? If not, it should. Employee training is one of the critical factors in employee motivation, employee success, and employee retention. Here are some training tips to incorporate into your onboarding and ongoing training of your tech staff.

Benefits of Employee Training and Development

Providing your employees with an opportunity for onboarding success and continued career growth by training them with career-enhancing skills adds to your tech employees job satisfaction. Employees that grow and develop through training is one of the most important factors in employee motivation, engagement and morale. Equally satisfying is the opportunity for experienced and trained senior-level employees to train others. Your best employees, the employees you most want to keep, thrive when they have the opportunity to grow through employee training and development options.

Employee Training Options: Internal vs. External Trainers

Internal training by experienced and senior-level staff, can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for all involved. Starting as simple as having a buddy program on the day they start. This is typically a seasoned employee who is not from the new hire’s department. The buddy provides advice and direction on company and culture-related questions.

Beyond onboarding, internal trainers are useful in mentoring programs when you want to ensure a junior or mid-level employee is paired with a seasoned and experienced departmental member. It also ensures that institutional knowledge is shared and passed to upcoming team members.

External training and development skills help employees develop new skills and bring new ideas to your organization. This can range from having on-site training for cross-departmental skills like client-services, team building, leadership training, etc. Employers should also set aside a budget for professional development at industry conferences and training events. For engineers, here are examples of conferences that should be considered in 2019.

Partner With Jarvi Group to Find Your Tech Employees!

Providing your tech and engineering employees multiple options for training and development allows them to grow and become more valuable assets to your organization. By investing in your employees’ professional development you demonstrate your relationship is a partnership and your interest in their well-being is long term. Which creates an environment everyone wins in. Contact the Jarvi Group today for more information!

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