Typically used in the context of modern dating, “ghosting” is when somebody suddenly stops responding to your texts, emails and phone calls.

Hiring personnel are increasingly having to cope with applicant ghosting. Sadly, many applicants are opting out of hiring processes: skipping job interviews or not returning phone calls. The current market favors job seekers so much that some are not even showing up after accepting a job offer.

Employers aren’t just having trouble getting qualified applicants through the door, but they also have a hard time keeping people around!

Fortunately, there are some steps that companies and hiring managers can take to minimize the number of ghosts they have to deal with.

Stand Out from the Competition

If somebody puts in the time and effort to submit a job application, resume and/ or cover letter, it’s safe to say they’re interested in the job that was posted. So why do some job seekers skip out on scheduled interviews without so much as giving a reason?

One big factor is the fact that job seekers typically cast a wide net, applying to many similar jobs at the same time. This can make it difficult to remember the differences between one job opportunity and another. The position offered is just one of many in the mind of some job seekers.

Content marketing and social media have stood out from the crowd easier than ever and businesses now have powerful tools to get their brand in front of prospective new hires. If your company wants its job postings to stick in the minds of job seekers, it must build and maintain a strong employer brand.

Have an Engaging Hiring Process

Hiring personnel are generally having to juggle many obligations all at the same time. There are always new jobs to fill and a constant stream of applicants must be assessed.

Because it’s easy to treat job seekers as faceless and anonymous, you should be conscious of how you interact with them. Communicate in a professional and friendly manner. Be mindful of when you reach out with phone calls or texts.

Write Good Job Descriptions

A good job description does more than just explain an open position. It also is written in a way that it attracts best-fit applicants, who are much less likely to ghost than low-quality applicants.

Given that job seekers typically apply to multiple job openings at the same time, a job description should stick in the minds of your target candidates. The tone of your description and the language you use are effective tools in speaking to your ideal applicants. For instance, a job description that highlights your company’s high standards and structure is likely to cause laid-back potential applicants to move on to another job posting.

Let Us Handle You Hiring Headaches

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