Thank you! Great job. You rock!

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures and incentives that let your tech team know you are thankful for them. Here are some simple, fun and creative ways to express your appreciation for your IT team.

Start by saying, “Thanks!”

Providing positive feedback is a joyful activity for managers and human resources (HR). The two keys to successful thanks are: timeliness and authenticity.

As soon as an employee goes beyond expectations, thank them. When thanking them, be specific, mention them by name and identify what actions they took that led to the praise, also cite any positive results that are related. For example:

“Bob, you really went above my expectations when creating this comparison model. The additional details you put in it allowed us to identify our delivery deficiencies and create a better customer experience. Thank you Bob!”

Beyond Praise

Often, a good deed has such an impact that a company may want to go beyond personal, one-to-one praise. In that instance, here are some examples of going beyond praise:

Honor Them in Public

When employees receive praise in front of their peers, not only are they recognized for their accomplishment, the whole team can see how the company values its employees.

Food & Fun Incentives

Team lunches, bagel breakfasts or movie nights, these are all examples of how to thank a team for their accomplishments and milestones. Important considerations to take into account are the personalities and interests of the group as a whole. If your Dev-Ops team is mostly introverted, a happy hour with karaoke may not work out. However, movie passes packaged with candy and popcorn is an appreciative gift.


Awards give the privilege of ‘bragging rights.’  They also show employees in a tangible way that their efforts are appreciated. Awards can be a result of a competition or given for exceptional service or behavior. Often awards are coupled with a monetary gift or gift certificate. When using an award as a result of a competition, like Q1 Sales Leader, it is typical to receive a monetary award. If you are giving the Employee of the Year award at your annual holiday party, often just a beautifully crafted and personalized desk ornament is symbolic enough of the company’s thanks.

 Company-Wide Incentives

In many workplaces, the holiday season is a time to give company-wide thanks through gifts and incentives. The big one, of course, is the year-end bonus. But, not all companies are set up with the goals, measurements and budget to put a bonus plan in place for all employees.

That’s where company-wide incentives are an option. It can be as simple as providing a $25 grocery store gift certificate or sporting and event tickets. Companies often tie these incentives to an overall goal, like an average score of nine on your net promoter score (NPS) rating or achieving 30 five-star ratings on Google Reviews for last quarter.

Fun and Creative Ways of Saying Thanks

It’s not just management that can thank others. Peer-to-peer recognition and thanks is powerful. Here are some ideas that are easy, inexpensive and impactful.

Public Thanks Board

Create a bulletin board in a common area like the lunch room and leave thank-you cards and pens for quick, ad hoc, public appreciation.

Temporarily Rename Meeting Room

Rename the sales war room each quarter with the top achievers name.

Dedicated Parking Spot

This is often done for Employee of the Month, but it can be expanded for other key accomplishments

Feature Article

Publicly acknowledging employees in a customer-facing communication is a way to show your thanks while highlighting your culture, values and beliefs. Often this is done for volunteer and community involvement or exceeding customer experience goals.

Giving Thanks to Our HR Partners

As a human resources professional, you may often find yourself in the role of enforcer. Taking time to give thanks to your employees lets you reconnect with your human relations side. HR is a tough job, and the recruiting team at the Jarvi Group is thankful for your professionalism and commitment to making your place of work a meaningful experience for your team. Cheers to you!


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