Great managers motivate their staff members to reach their potential and help their company achieve its goals. Horrible managers hamper productivity and discourage employees, which reduces productivity and boosts turnover.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, almost one half of people say getting away from their boss is a reason they have quit a job in the past. Because you don’t want to constantly be hiring new employees, it’s important you hire the best managers.

The best managers have many of the same leadership qualities. Consider the following attributes of top leaders when assessing your manager candidates.


Middle managers must interact with the employees they oversee, and they also have to interact with the executives above them. If a manager is dishonest in their dealings with one group or the other, it can spell disaster.

When looking to hire a middle manager, try to find applicants who value transparency. When you hire managers who lead with honesty, they are likely to inspire those around them to be truthful, as well.

Communication Ability

Good managers have superb communication abilities. They are capable of getting their team all pulling in the same direction, so they can achieve major objectives. Supervisors have to be capable of strong verbal and written communication.


Managers earn the support and engagement of their team when they are confident in the choices they make. Management involves making a lot of tough decisions, and a good leader is capable of showing their team how to move forward after a hard choice is made, even when many of the employees don’t agree with the choice that was made. Those who project confidence have a much easier time getting their team to buy into the decisions that are made.

Organizational Ability

Any given business has tons of competing concerns. All company functions move forward concurrently, meaning there are a lot of balls that must be kept in the air. Therefore, supervisors can’t be overlooking one thing because they’re too busy with something else.

Those in management have to be conscious of the big picture. They also need the ability to have a laser-like focus on smaller details, as well.

Applicants with a history of wearing wear many hats at once will be able to stay organized in a managerial role. Good supervisors should be able to give many examples of how they have shepherded multiple projects through to completion at the same time.


Those who see a middle manager role as a steppingstone may have a hard time taking a long-term approach to projects and giving their all to the position. The people you want to hire are dedicated to achieving long-term success for both their team and the company. Of course, you shouldn’t begrudge candidates for wanting to climb the ladder eventually. However, they should be able to talk passionately about how they plan to succeed in the role.

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