First impressions matter and you only get one shot. You spent a lot of time and energy finding just the right candidate, so let’s make sure their first day goes well.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure your new tech employees are welcomed to your firm the right way!

Connect With Them on LinkedIn

A simple, “I’m excited to be working with you. Looking forward to connecting in person too.”
This outreach goes a long way to make a new employee feel welcomed.

Send a Welcome Email

This should include friendly and helpful tips they’ll need for their first few days. Examples are:

  • Dress code
  • Parking
  • Door/security access
  • Work hours, lunch times, etc.
  • First day schedule and lunch plans
  • Important contact information, such as HR, hiring manager, etc.
  • Email address and phone number

Get Paperwork out of the Way

Most employers now have a portal for onboarding new hires. Send the link to the new employee a week before they start. This reduces wasted time and allows them to review employee handbooks, benefit programs, etc., at their leisure and come to you with any questions.

Set up Their Space

Get their space, supplies and technology ready in advance. Make sure the work environment is clean, well lit, has all the supplies needed and the technology is working. Simple things, like is the printer working, do they have a ruler – all these things matter. If you can, have their business cards waiting on their desk for the first day.

Appoint an Office Mentor

The office mentor should be more of a ‘buddy’ program. Typically, this is a seasoned employee who is not part of the employee’s department. The mentor can provide advice and direction on who and where to go for any questions the new hire has.

By pairing your new hire with a mentor, you give them an outlet to ask questions they may be uncomfortable asking their manager or HR. Such as, ‘What’s the lunch protocol? Is there a Super Bowl office pool? Where’s the closest gym?’

Create a Week One Schedule

Set up a loose schedule for the first week of employment, this will provide them direction on what they should be doing. Set up times for independent research, meeting with key colleagues and getting familiar with the technology systems. Be sure they are included in any recurring meetings they will be involved with.

Start on a Wednesday

Starting a new hire on a Wednesday instead of a Monday has many advantages for everyone. Starting a new job is exhausting and stressful. After three days of learning new systems, new people, getting briefed on projects, finding the bathroom and where to park – your new hire will be exhausted and ready for the weekend. For you, it gives you two extra days to finalize all the new-hire details, like getting the desk ready, arranging lunches and ensuring their tech is ready and working with all the necessary credentials.

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