One of the most commonly projected trends for HR is reducing turnover by focusing on workplace experience.

Workplace experience can include anything from providing schedule flexibility to offering regular learning opportunities. Multiple factors combine to make for a safe, inspiring, positive, and productive workplace that staff members want to be a part of in 2020 and beyond.

Below are a few ways to create a great workplace experience that your employees won’t want to leave.

Engaging Employee Management

There’s an old saying: People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.

A supervisor has an implicit duty to keep their team inspired and engaged — supervisors who neglect to produce a positive culture of transparency and equity risk losing a lot of employees. When managers at a company cultivate a supportive and collaborative culture, they engage their respective team members and keep satisfied in their positions.

A Culture of Knowledge Sharing

Often, teams of employees operate in a silo and don’t know what other teams and companies are trying to achieve. This creates a disjointed organization and a culture considerably lacking when it comes to engagement.

To combat this sense of isolation from creeping in, it is important to create a culture of knowledge sharing. Part of that culture can be having teams regularly share status updates and any lessons learned. With a knowledge-sharing culture, employees become more skilled and more engaged.

Offer Regular Learning Opportunities

While workplace training is often considered as just providing essential knowledge and skills, it should always be an active element of engaging staff members. Determine what types of training and techniques are preferred by employees and design training accordingly. A combination of online and classroom training, based on the topic, can help to keep training from becoming stale.

Managers should also look to hold group learning sessions for their team, where everyone is actively engaged. This lets staff members concentrate on the particulars of their job, with an eye toward achieving better results.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Many businesses have recognized the significance of offering workplace flexibility, redefining jobs around results, and personal accountability rather than working in a physical location for 8-hour blocks of time.

Today’s employees are increasingly looking at their jobs as more than just a way to earn a living. They also want a job that allows them to appreciate their personal life. From an employer’s point of view, a stressed-out worker who can’t adequately concentrate on personal issues is damaging to team synergy, as they are less able to contribute effectively.

Given the focus on flexibility and work-life balance, many businesses build their benefits and job offers around possibilities like telecommuting, paid parental leave, and other work-life solutions to help staff members tend to both professional and family obligations.

We Can Help Your Company Keep Turnover Down in 2020

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