LinkedIn has close to half a billion members and is a powerful recruitment tool when you are seeking high-demand professionals like engineers. If you think you know it all about LinkedIn recruiting, keep reading, chances are, at least recruitment avenue we discuss will provide an ‘ah-ha!’ moment.

Paid Engineering Job Ads

Paid job postings reach the LinkedIn members who have the skills your job requires. When you pay to advertise your job, LinkedIn will:

  • Share your job across its network of 500+ million professionals, making it visible to anyone on LinkedIn.
  • Email and display the ad to potential candidates whose skills and location match the job posting (using the “Jobs you may be interested in” feature).
  • Post your job description to your LinkedIn company page.
  • Curate a list of 50 members you can view who suit your role.
  • Give you five free InMail messages to contact members outside your network.

Free Engineering Job Ads

Using your company page, you can promote engineering or other jobs at your company to make your recruiting efforts more visible. Your company page needs to tell your company story and the culture of those that makeup who you are. This is often the first impression an engineering candidate will get of your company, even before looking at your company website.

Contact the department in charge of managing your company’s LinkedIn page, which is usually marketing, and collaborate on the About Us section.

Once you have the company page made, you can now post to the Jobs section of LinkedIn.

Select Skills

Once you enter the job description, it is time to choose the skills that are required for your engineering role. LinkedIn recommends selecting at least 10 skills; however, candidates can select up to 50 skills to highlight.

Here are some of the most popular data sets for engineering recruitment:

  • Engineering discipline: Mechanical, Software, Environmental, Civil, Electrical, Computer
  • Tools & Technologies: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Autodesk, C++,  Python, MySQL, Unix
  • Industry Knowledge: Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Analytical Reasoning, UX Design, Mobile Application Development, Video Production
  • Interpersonal Skills: Management, Leadership, etc.
  • Other Skills: Certifications, Education, Projects, etc.

Free Engineering Recruiting Tips for LinkedIn

  • Social sharing is today’s version of a referral from a friend. With LinkedIn you can dramatically increase your reach by having key personnel in your organization share engineering job postings. Your star performers should be the first people you ask to share your engineering posting on LinkedIn. Next, reach out to vendors, partners and professional organizations to share the posting with.
  • LinkedIn Groups are another valuable resource to share and recruit for engineer candidates. Go beyond the basic high-level groups of ‘software engineer’ and look for user groups of the software platforms you use, also look for local groups and specific or niche groups. The more specific the group, the more involvement there is from its members.

LinkedIn Recruiting Help is Here

LinkedIn recruiting is a great resource, but it should not be your only recruiting avenue. At the Jarvi Group, we can leverage our extensive network to get your engineering job in front of the right engineering candidates. Reach out to the experienced recruiting team at the Jarvi Group today!

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