In today’s highly competitive labor market, employers are doing everything they can to attract and hold onto top talent. One popular way to do that is to develop a company culture that is attractive to talented people.

If your company has a dynamic, attractive culture, congratulations! The hard work is mostly done, and a strong culture sells itself. You don’t want to keep your vibrant culture a secret when writing job descriptions. The following tips can help you to write job descriptions that do an effective job of showcasing your company culture.

1. Lay Out Your Mission

Used to define your company, your mission statement should explain the innovation you’re unleashing, the value you are providing to customers or the products people keep raving about.

Laying out your mission statement sets a good foundation for your job description.

2. Explain Company Values

Of course, every company wants to describe itself as virtuous. However, some values define a company more than others. For instance, a financial company might prioritize values like ethical conduct, fairness and a results-focused mindset.

Your job descriptions should outline how your company upholds its main values through its actions.

3. Describe the Work Environment

Thanks to the flamboyant workplaces of Silicon Valley, a vibrant work environment is often associated with things like giant wall murals, free food, bean bags chairs and a foosball table in the breakroom. Having these things is great, but mentioning bean bag chairs might feel a bit awkward in a job posting.

When describing the work environment, talk about the most popular aspects by saying, “Our employees say they truly enjoy…”

4. Describe Employee Interactions

The best company cultures include a free flow of ideas, every interacting as equals and transparency. Your job description should talk about the ways your employees interact most effectively. Perhaps the most done with face-to-face meetings. Or, they interact with remote team members every day over video chat.

Explain to your readers how effective communication at your company gets results.

5. Use Compelling Language

Since the ideal job posting is only a few paragraphs in length, it is crucial to choose your words as wisely as possible. Proper word selection can go a long way to attracting the type of top candidates you want applying to your company.

Importantly, you want your words and language to align with your company culture and brand. For instance, if your company mission speaks to precision and dependability, you want to use precise and professional language. Conversely, if your company is about creativity and has a freewheeling nature, you want your language to match.

While the things you say in a job posting are important, the way that you say them and the subtext can make all the difference when it comes to attracting top talent, particularly with respect to culture fit.

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