When an employer is looking at hiring either a recent college grad or a more experienced engineer, there are many factors that should be considered.

Hiring a recent grad can result in a wide range of benefits for a company. From lower labor costs to having a highly motivated worker, there is good logic behind why a company should hire a recent grad for an engineering position. Regardless of what your company needs, giving a grad their first job could end up being a smart move with long-term benefits for your company.

Consider the following reasons to hire engineers right out of college.

1) Lower Labor Costs

Certainly, one of the principal functions of a company is to earn a profit through the sale of goods and/or services. In keeping with this, whenever a company can lower costs without sacrificing quality or productivity, it should look to do so.

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a recent grad is the lower cost compared to the salary a more experienced engineer could command. Of course, there are higher costs related to inexperience that could be incurred later.

2) Comfortable With the Latest Tools

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a college grad is their capacity to navigate through the latest tools and technology, particularly new hardware and the relevant applications. 

Because a part of more experienced engineers began their careers in the past, they have a tendency to fall back on comfortable technology that may be less efficient and less powerful. Recent grads can not only bring a more up-to-date approach enabled by the latest technology, they can also educate your current staff on better ways of doing things.

3) More Open to Direction

Because they don’t come with habits and ways of thinking that were ingrained by previous employers, recent college grads are much more manager-friendly as opposed to experienced engineers. Perhaps because they are less established or not particularly worried about the big picture just yet, new grads tend to put their heads down and focus more on daily duties.

With a tendency to mind their p’s and q’s, recent grads are also less likely to get caught up in workplace drama, which also makes them simpler to manage.

4) More Motivation

Because recent college grads tend to be younger than experienced engineers, they tend to be at a very career-driven phase of their lives. They are less likely to have young kids or aging parents to care for in the evenings or on weekends.

This motivation will also drive recent grads to go above and beyond their job duties as they pursue jobs higher up your corporate ladder.

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