When the holidays roll around every year, the workplace tends to get a bit more festive, and with all the good vibes in the air – it’s the perfect time of year to hold team building events.

If you are looking to stage team building events for your organization this holiday season, consider the following suggestions.


Having your employees’ volunteer at the local animal shelter or soup kitchen can provide warm feelings that tend to bring people together.

If you’re going to hold a volunteer event, it’s important to take pictures! Not only can you preserve the memories of your employees coming together, but pictures of your team volunteering are also great content for social media.

Happy Hour with a Purpose

You probably expected an event with ‘adult beverages’ to pop-up at some point, so let’s cut to the chase. Yes, a happy hour is a perfectly acceptable way to bring your employees together, but it’s even more effective if you can add purpose. For instance, a mixology or craft brewing class is a great way to engage your employees through participation and give them something to bond over later.

Murder Mystery Event

Murder mystery events are fun to do with your personal friends, but when your team goes out to one, it’s a great way to switch up the roles you normally hold at the office. For instance, maybe the guy in the mailroom could take on the lead investigator’s role while those in management take instructions.

Incorporate dinner and a few drinks and you have a well-rounded teambuilding event.

Get Competitive

Nothing brings people together like a bit of friendly competition. Laser tag, bowling and even hatchet-throwing are all fun ways to bond and forget about work-related stress for a few hours.

When picking a teambuilding event based around competition, be sure to consider accessibility and any physical limitations of your employees.

Wine (or Chocolate) Tasting

A wine tasting event is a fun way to bring your group together, celebrating their different tastes. Including cheeses, charcuterie and small appetizers can take your tasting event to the next level and keep your team from getting too tipsy. If your group isn’t up for wine, a chocolate tasting can be a solid alternative.

Fitness Event

Everyone knows that it’s very easy to add on a few pounds around the holidays. A fitness event is a great, healthy way to bring your team together and get a bit of exercise in before all the eating and drinking. Yoga, 5k runs and rock climbing can all give your employees a sense of accomplishment while bringing them together.

With these types of events, it’s also important to consider employees’ fitness levels and how many people are willing to participate. The last thing you want to do is to hold an event that makes people feel excluded.

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