When staff members don’t welcome new technology or software, the investment can either go underutilized or get eliminated. Either way, the business loses out. 

New technology should save your company time and money while boosting efficiency or creating new opportunities. However, new technology can only have a positive impact if your staff members fully embrace and use it.  

To be fair, introducing new technology to anyone isn’t easy. Very often, employees will require training and experience to effectively use a new system. 

Consider the following list of best practices the next time you have to introduce new technology to your employees. 

Include End Users and Other Staff 

Include your staff members in the adoption of new technology as much as possible. Speak with them about the complications, limitations and inadequacy of your current systems. Ask them what they would like the new technology to accomplish.  

When employees are part of the system, they feel engaged, valued and a sense of ownership. They’ll have an emotional stake in the success of the adoption process and push harder than they otherwise would. 

Internal Marketing 

Even though management might want the new technology, it doesn’t mean staff members will share this enthusiasm. Because of the costs involved, management can’t afford to let enthusiasm grow naturally. It must “sell” the new technology to employees. The reasons and benefits of the new technology must be clearly communicated to staff members. If staff members can see a personal benefit, they’ll be more prone to embrace the change. 

Provide Good Training 

Training is essential to the successful adoption of new technology. After communicating the benefits to employees, implement a trial phase of the new system and provide employees with time to learn it. On-going training is extremely helpful to both management and employees. Follow up regularly with workers to see how they’re doing. Constant feedback can generate stronger trust in the process because workers will feel they are fully supported. 

Convince Your Influencers 

Workers who are hesitant to get away from what they know will be more resistant to new technology. Rather than focusing on the most resistant, identify influential staff members who are leaning toward embracing the new technology and inspire them to help others, especially those who are resistant. 

Have Objectives and Hold Employees to Them 

Stated objectives will give your adoption efforts something to strive for. Focus on the results you are trying to achieve and break them down into bite-sized chunks. Then, hold your employees accountable. Regularly communicate progress and track adoption to identify areas for improvement and recognize when milestones are achieved. 

With accountability, employees will see the commitment to the new technology, making resistance more difficult to justify. 

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