Employee perks like cool, modern decor and free catered lunches are great, but the best company cultures are built on an intangible foundation; things like inspiration, good relationships, empowerment and a genuine sense of appreciation.

Companies with great cultures offer particular intangibles that perks-loaded employers can’t provide. When employees truly feel appreciated or inspired by their company, it leads to a sense of loyalty, satisfaction, and well-being. Probably the best part about providing these kinds of intangibles is that they don’t break the bank.

Consider the following aspects of a great company culture and contrast them to the hip perks that you’ve probably heard about countless times. Give your employees what they truly want in a culture, and your staff members will repay you with loyalty and dedication.

A Vision to Get Behind

From Apple’s simplistic beauty to Amazon’s relentless pursuit of consumer convenience, an inspirational vision can transform a company from run-of-the-mill to iconic.

An inspirational vision isn’t just for tech giants. In Yonkers, NY, Greystone Bakery is dedicated to supporting the local community by empowering people from all parts of society, opting to hire ex-convicts, homeless people and at-risk teens. The bakery seeks out people with a drive to succeed and belief in the company vision but may have had trouble previously with stability in their life. As a result of their vision, Greystone has culture it prides itself on, as well as a very successful business. 

A Positive Feedback Loop

It’s standard for a business to survey staff members on productivity issues and job satisfaction. If staff members read every question carefully, and respond in thoughtful ways, the business should thank employees for their efforts and talk about feedback on various workplace issues. When feedback isn’t talked about and issues are not addressed, staff members will think their opinions don’t matter, and it will have a significant negative effect on worker morale.

Don’t let your company take feedback for granted or dismiss it altogether. A productive feedback loop boosts trust and employee engagement. It also helps workers feel connected to the company.

An Empowering Environment

Some businesses believe creating a good company culture means getting workers to all think along the same lines. However, the best company cultures value each employee for their individual background, point of view and skill set.

A good company culture supports the individual, and in return, the individual tends to support the company.

Heartfelt Appreciation

When perks are combined with a culture of worker appreciation, employees feel looked after and valued. Perks and prizes should not be a substitute for genuine appreciation; they should complement it. 

When your employees do great work, they deserve to be recognized, whether it’s publicly or in a short thank-you note. It doesn’t matter the way you do it, but it’s crucial you show gratitude.

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