From artificial intelligence to machine learning, new technology has become a fixture in the workplace that can either disrupt or engage teams. Workers are typically enthusiastic about the opportunity to master new technologies, but they also fear that technology may eliminate their current roles or future job opportunities.

Expectations and Obstacles

Today’s workers want flexibility in how they get work done. They do not want a manager or a company dictating every aspect of a project to them. The current workforce is technically savvy and comfortable with searching for their own answers through traditional Google search or using personal digital assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Digital transformation is causing companies to consider how mobility and the cloud affect the ways work gets done. This, combined with employees’ desire for greater flexibility and a user-controlled experience, is leading to a shift toward digital workspaces.

Shifting Towards Digital Workspaces

The digital workspace focuses on user behavior—and the five W’s of access and usage. That includes the who, what, when, where, and why of locating the application or data they need, and then using that app or information effectively and efficiently. For IT leaders, it’s about understanding the identity, device, location, and reasons for actions such as “Is this action normal for the role under these conditions?” or “Is it normal for this time of day?”

For hiring and human resource managers, the digital workspace should start with culture redesign. If IT departments control the accessibility to your technology, then departmental managers need to control the ‘how’ people work and go beyond the apps and hardware.

Flexible and Agile Work Environments

More than a collection of apps or a remote desktop, the digital workspace delivers a contextualized, personalized experience that allows employees to work securely on whatever device, from anywhere at any time by providing easy access to the tools, systems and content required to get their jobs done. They do this all with secure access through biometrics, Wi-Fi and email.

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