A career in IT can be very professionally and financially rewarding; however, that doesn’t mean the job of every IT professional is a cake walk.

There are pain points with every job. The trick is figuring out how to deal with the ones associated with your particular job. As a public service to IT professionals, we’ve assembled five of the top tech pain points and a few suggestions on how to deal with them. Check them out below.

1) Management and Users Not Having Enough Technical Knowledge

IT professionals realize part of their job is helping people with technical issues. However, tech professionals usually spend far too much time dealing with problems that could have been handled without technical expertise.

IT professionals must often help individuals with basic IT needs. Whether it’s fixing a basic problem or breaking down how a certain bit of technology works to a supervisor, an overall lack of technical know-how can be irritating. Meetings that ought to be quick and painless can become dragged out when an IT professional must explain tech in very simple terms. While it isn’t fair to expect everybody to comprehend the intricacies of everything technical, better general IT knowledge saves IT professionals a lot of time and energy.

2) Lack of Training

An extension of the previous point, a lack of training on technical tools and systems leads to unnecessary demands of tech support.

The general lack of training is a problem that stems from an overall lack of technical understanding. Effective training for users facilitates overall technical success, saving time and money down the road.

3) Security Issues

As seen in the news regularly, a security breach can have massive negative impacts on a company. Not only in terms of data or financial loss, but also in terms of brand and customer trust. The pressure associated with this ever-present threat falls mostly on IT professionals.

IT departments can fight this pain point by demanding adequate resources for cybersecurity. Whether it’s an investment in security training or an investment in security systems, companies that put significant resources into security take some of the pressure off their IT staff.

4) Organizational Disconnect

The departments and systems within a large company can easily become siloed, and because a company’s tech assets impact the organization as a whole, segmentation can cause major pain for IT professionals.

When a company prioritizes strong communication and works hard to engage everyone in tech issues, it can combat disconnect, which benefits everyone in an organization, not just IT staffers.

5) Inadequate Financial Resources

Businesses wanting to cut costs typically target budgets. Ideally, IT budgets would be what they need to be to support digital optimization. However, all departments are compelled to make do with the resources at hand, which often aren’t enough.

IT professionals are best served by IT leadership that fights effectively for adequate financial resources.

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