According to the New York Times, over 43 percent of the workforce today includes some form of remote workers including flexible scheduling or part-time work-from-home. Having the benefit of flexible scheduling or working remotely is a major factor in whether your tech employee will take a job or stay at a job.

If your organization has a remote workforce, it’s important to be aware of the misconceptions of working from home and not to let other ‘on-site’ staff members fall into these easy stereotypes.

They Don’t Work as Hard

One of the big mindset changes of allowing tech team members to work from home was to get out of ‘supervisor’ mentality. In today’s connected world, managers don’t need to have physical eyes on staff to know what they are doing. In reality, when remote employees monitor their time with timekeeping software – or even project management software – it creates a transparent and accountable record of when and how much work is performed.

In reality, most remote workers take on some additional hours compared to their on-site counterparts.

Additionally, tech projects often require concentration, and working in an ‘open office’ environment is not always helpful to this because of frequent interruptions and noises. Remote workers can avoid distractions and get more work done in less time.

They Aren’t Available

Now, this misconception all depends on the expectations set at the beginning of the ‘remote’ engagement. If an employee is managing the help desk for inbound requests, it needs to be clearly communicated the times they must be available. If your tech employee is assigned to more complex, analytical projects, they may want to vary their worktimes to ensure they are working when they feel the most productive.

They Work in Their PJs

Well, often yes. But if your company or clients have video conferencing, your remote employees need to be charged with having a professional appearance for video calls.

They Goof-Off on Fridays

No, not really. Good project management or timekeeping apps will clearly show the times they are working as well as what they are working on.

They Aren’t as Involved

Ask yourself, ‘Did you invite them to be involved?” What is a realistic involvement for remote employees? For example, do you have them lead meetings or do you invite them to be part of corporate celebrations?

In Reality…

Your remote tech workers are likely your most productive and happiest team members. If your company is going to have a remote workforce, it’s incumbent upon you to set them up for success by putting best practices for remote workers in place.

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