The recruitment process is tricky. Your company must convey everything it wants in an applicant without making the process long and daunting. Employees are growing tired of searching for jobs, with more of them clicking away without submitting an application. If you want to bring in top talent (and keep them there), you need to avoid making some of these common mistakes.


Old School Applications


Paper copies are gone with the wind. Be sure to find the best talent by being digitally optimized for the process. Today’s talent pool expect a seamless access digital platform that is easy to navigate. Without it, your business may be missing out.


Overly Long Application


Job seekers have already filled out dozens of applications. If you want to draw in potential employees, streamline the process as much as possible. Cover the basic requirements so you can weed out applicants who don’t fit, but save more intimate details for the interview.


Unclear Job Descriptions


Applying for a job is a big deal. An accepted application will undoubtedly change the entire course of a potential employee’s life, so it only makes sense that he wants a clear understanding of the job and the


company. If you’re vague in the job posting, people could be turning away without even reading it entirely, let alone applying. It also prevents wasted time by applicants who wouldn’t fit the bill.


Lack of Communication During the Process


Keep applicants informed during the entire process – even if their qualifications aren’t enough. Reaching out to keep them updated will translate to a better reputation among hiring services and make it easier to pull in the top talent.


Do you have other questions about how to recruit for your company? Recruiting agents, like us, know all the ins and outs of bringing new people onto your team. We’d love to discuss how we can help eliminate these issues and reach potential employees more efficiently and faster. Don’t wait – the sooner your new employees are hired, the sooner you’ll see the benefits. Call Jarvi Group today.

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