A company’s human resources department is under a lot of pressure. HR is responsible for relations with employees, company safety, and hiring new talent. If your HR department is inefficient and making common blunders, you’re losing money. Here are some of the most common mistakes you’re probably making without realizing it.


  1. Having an Outdated Employee Handbook


Lots of companies underestimate the value of a current and functional employee handbook. This little guide gives your staff all the important dos and don’ts and can help prevent problems before they even begin. Using an outdated version could end up causing a lot of interpersonal issues between employees who simply didn’t know better.


  1. Failure to Document Performance Failures


If you have an employee that’s always tardy, it might seem like a lot of extra trouble to write down every infraction. However, keeping a good record of performance failures will help protect your company if or when you have to terminate the individual.


  1. Incomplete Files for Employees


This is another mistake many companies make because of the required time commitment. Every worker should have his or her own file with all work history, identity, and work eligibility. There are heavy fines involved if you can’t produce these files on request for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


  1. Hiring too Quickly


Every company wants to fill their empty slots, but you could be causing a lot of problems for yourself down the road if the positions don’t have value. Take time to outline precisely why you’re hiring, then carefully compare each candidate to your needs. This will ensure your employees are a better fit in the first place.


One of the best ways to make sure you’re putting the right people in the right seats is to use a recruiting agency. Professional recruiters, like us, are able to sift through countless potential matches to find the ones that work the best for you. When you’re ready to see what we can do, give Jarvi Group a call.

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