Employees that feel valued are more engaged and less likely to seek a new job elsewhere. Showing you value your employees can become part of your company culture. Here are three simple things you can start doing right now to make a positive impact on your employees.

Give Feedback

Providing feedback on an employee’s performance should be frequent and constructive. If done correctly, it’s the quickest way to increase employee productivity, performance and engagement. Don’t wait until the designated “Performance Review” to give constructive feedback. Here are some examples of providing positive feedback:

Make it personal. Personalizing feedback, making it specific and talking to the colleague one on one will have much better results for the individual and the team.

Be specific. Identify the event, project or scenario you are providing feedback on. Relate the observed behavior to possible consequences or outcomes of the event. Look for ways to discuss the motivation for the behavior and how it can be improved.

Let them respond. Give them a chance to absorb the feedback you give them and let them respond.

Suggestions for improvement. Give additional coaching or mentoring opportunities to help them increase their skills in any areas that need improvement.

Inspire Others

Talk to your employees and find out what their goals are. Often, people tend to play it safe and not set the bar high enough for their potential. As a leader, you can suggest and encourage more ambitious goals. Encourage your team to:

  • Lead a project
  • Teach a class
  • Present at a conference
  • Mentor a younger professional
  • Become involved in a professional organization

Pay it Forward

‘Do onto others, as others have done to you.’ Chances are you didn’t get to your position in life by going it alone. Others helped you along the way with words of encouragement and challenging your status quo. Do the same to younger co-workers and professionals you meet. Being a mentor can be the most rewarding role in your career and all it takes is a little bit of time.

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