If you like the idea of supervising big projects and taking on difficult decisions, you are naturally inclined for a management position. There are many kinds of management jobs in a wide range of fields, each with a distinctive group of job duties.

Most of the best-paid jobs out there are in management jobs. However, in the same way, that no management job is alike, no tow management salaries are alike. With that being said, consider the eight highest paying management jobs in the country, according to the Department of Labor.

1) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEOs strategize, organize, and manage the various operations of a business at the highest level. Found in both the public and private sectors, these professionals are responsible for making certain that their organization meets its goals.

CEOs tend to command the highest salaries in their respective industries, but they also work extremely long hours and accountable for the success of their entire company.

2) Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Manager

These professionals coordinate and make decisions on technology-related functions in an organization. Found in a wide range of companies and industries, these leaders ascertain the technology needs of a business and then apply programs to meet these needs. CIS managers also oversee and manage the information technology (IT) workforce of a company.

3) Marketing Manager

Marketing supervisors plan and direct programs that promote a company’s services or products. The main job of a marketing manager is to locate markets for products/services and create methods to optimize sales.

4) Architectural Engineering Manager

Architectural engineering managers plan and oversee architectural projects. They might work on new construction projects or refurbishing existing structures. These managers should know how to create budgets, evaluate project needs and manage a workforce.

5) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFOs manage the financial wellbeing of a company. They help develop long-term financial targets for their business and apply these plans through investments, financial analysis and market analysis. They normally work intimately with other supervisors to make fiscal choices for the organization.

6) Natural Sciences Manager

Natural sciences supervisors oversee one or more laboratories and the work of scientists or technicians who work in them. Although they can be ‘generalists’, these mangers can specialize in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including chemistry, physics and food science.

7) Sales Manager

Sales managers over a company’s sales workforce. They establish sales goals, train employees and develop strategies to support an organization’s sales of product or services.

8) Compensation and Benefits Managers

Normally working inside the human resources department of a business, compensation and benefits managers develop and coordinate the overall compensation strategy of a company. Within that strategy, these managers determine employees’ salaries and benefits, including offerings on retirement plans, health insurance and other perks.

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