Just like every software engineer has to know SQL and Excel to program, they also need to have important soft skills. To become a better software developer, you need to continually work on these key skills. And yes, communication is top on the list.


There is a reason communication skills are at the top of the soft skills list for just about every job out there. The reason: Until robots and artificial intelligence (AI) take over the world, the world is still run by humans. And humans need to communicate clearly with each other. As a software developer, you need to listen, don’t interrupt and speak clearly.


Working well with others can make work more fun, rewarding and add a sense of community to your environment. Being a team player means showing up, contributing and doing what you say you’ll do. By working well with others, they learn to trust you and get to know the unique value you contribute.


Not everyone understands how difficult programming is, or how long code takes to write. They may ask you for a deliverable without realizing the scope of what they’re asking. This can lead to frustration. Take your time to explain why it’s not as simple as they think, and to answer any questions they have. When you explain the reasons, do so in a non-technical way.


Sometimes things don’t work out. It stinks, and often the reason for projects not working out are beyond your control. It could be an overall business decision, a change in priorities, or a realization the bandwidth is not there. Whatever the reason, being adaptable to change and keeping your mind open to new ideas and approaches will expand your experience.

Be Nice

It seems silly to say, but being nice and likeable is a soft skill that will not only help you get your first software developer job, it will serve you well in your career and life. Being nice means be approachable, be helpful, smile, and take interest in others conversations and ideas. Being nice doesn’t mean you need to be the life of the party, it just means smile and be approachable.


Empathy allows us to predict how others are likely to react to what we say, meaning we can tailor how we speak to our audience. Suggesting new ideas is much easier when there is an understanding between members of a team that there won’t be any negative feedback or mockery, no matter how someone feels about an idea.

Software Developers Are in High Demand

The Jarvi Group is always seeking software developers who are enhancing their skills, whether soft skills like communication and empathy or technical skills like Github and Python. If you are considering a career move, talk to the experienced technical recruiters at the Jarvi Group first. We are a people-first talent acquisition company and care about what makes you tick, and want to find the ideal work environment for you.

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