As technology changes and work routines evolve, the workplace of tomorrow will look very different from the workplace of today. For employees, this means the soft skills, or professional personality traits, that are the most valuable in the workplace will likely change over time.

Forward-thinking professionals should always be looking to improve their soft skills, with an eye towards the future. The following eight soft skills aren’t just valuable now, they will also be for years to come.

1) Stress Management

With the rise of flexible work arrangements and the flattening of corporate structures, today’s employees have more autonomy than ever. This newfound level of autonomy can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with more responsibility and more stress.

The ability to cope with stress will be even more valuable in the future as professionals become more productive and more independent.

2) Communication

Whether it’s a video chat platform or a collaboration app, modern technology is all about communication. When you have good communication skills, you’re in a great position to get the most out of this technology.

Also, because we now communicate with people around the world in the course of a typical business day, communication is becoming even more complex and good communication ability is becoming more valuable.

3) Culture Navigation

The modern workplace is highly collaborative and steeped in company culture. Those who can effectively navigate culture are in the best position to succeed.

4) Customer Service

When we think of customer service, we typically think of working in a call center or at the front desk of a hotel. But in a sense, you provide customer service when you complete a project for your manager or do a favor for a coworker. When you provide good “customer service” to those around you, it facilitates collaboration and makes your job easier.

5) Productivity

Think about your colleagues, both past and present. Some of them have probably been highly productive and seemingly with little effort, while others may have seemed very unproductive and wasteful with their time.

Looking back like this should help you to see that productivity is actually a skill, and those who are more productive than others are seen as more valuable.

6) Storytelling

You may not realize it, but your typical day is filled with stories. Some people can tell compelling stories and even convince you to change your mind on something based on a story. And some people tend to tell pointless rambling stories.

When you are able to tell good stories, it makes you more able to convey important information and convince others to see things from your perspective.

7) Adaptability

Thanks to technology, the workplace is evolving faster than ever and will continue to evolve. Those who are able to adapt the best will be the most stable to thrive in this constant state of evolution.

8) Critical Thinking

Most jobs involve some type of problem solving and analysis. Those who are able to think critically and assess problems based on experience and information are more able to develop creative solutions and avoid setbacks.

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