Given that we do most of our document work on computers these days, it can feel a bit unnecessary to use paper documents.

A lot of businesses are going paperless, as technology has increasingly allowed us to do away with file cabinets stuffed with papers. If your company is currently considering going paperless, consider the following advantages.

It’s Good for the Environment

The typical company uses at least 10,000 pieces of paper each year, the equivalent of a small tree. If every company in the United States reduced office paper use by just 10 percent, it would eliminate 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. When you add in ink cartridges and the energy required by printers, it’s easy to see why going paperless is the more environmentally friendly decision.

It Can Help the Bottom Line

In addition to benefitting the environment, getting rid of paper documents also benefits the bottom line of a company. The typical non-paperless business spends a lot of paper, ink and other related supplies. Then, there are also costs related to the physical space occupied by paper documents. While it takes some time to accumulate to a significant level, going paperless results in savings for a company.

Greater Efficiency

When document files are stored in the cloud or company server, a business immediately becomes more efficient and flexible, as anyone with access can readily obtain a document through a smartphone or desktop application. This feature gives staff members the capability to work from anywhere and while remaining productive. It also allows for collaboration with colleagues or clients through the sharing of documents for review or editing.

Also, going paperless can reduce some of the poor organization and chaos associated with paper documents.

Better Use of Space

A single sheet of paper might not exactly take up a lot of space, but tens of thousands of documents definitely do. Over time, companies can accumulate boxes and boxes of paper files. These physical documents must go somewhere and end up occupying useful office space. When a company goes paperless, it can free up all kinds of storage space.

If they are kept in the cloud, digital files don’t take up any physical space and those on a company server take up far less space than they would as physical documents.


Modern software now allows organizations to automate the gathering, storage, analysis and distribution of data culled from documents. Digitally harvested information translates to faster processes and reduced costs because data can be reinserted automatically into forms and the need for mailing can be reduced. Furthermore, automation and machine learning algorithms can be used to gather unique insights on all kinds of processes, from hiring to production.

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