What are the most desirable technology skills that will lead to a promotion within your company? In this article, we will look at the five in-demand IT skills that will round out your experience and set you apart from your peers.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Often thought of as just a skill for the marketing department, by coupling this with a strong IT background, you instantly increase your value to the company. By adding SEO to your skill set, you’re showing your employer you have what it takes to produce a highly shareable article, case study or video.

2. Google Analytics (GA)

To dovetail on SEO training, GA training is also only reserved to the marketing analytics team. By learning more about your websites demographics, user behavior and experience patterns you can understand what content and products work with your target audience and what does not work.

 3. User Interface Design (UI-Design)

If software as a service (SaaS) or creating apps and other software and website development is on your career roadmap, then add UI-Design training to your skill set. You will learn how to create attractive and user-friendly digital design that will enhance your company’s customer experience.

 4. Web Development

Having a basic understanding of website development is useful and expected in the IT profession. It doesn’t matter if your end goal is to become am SQL programmer, web development knowledge spans a variety of careers and often touches everyone in a company. By learning the basics of website development and the common programming languages of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and MySQL you become a valuable asset to your company,

5. Project Management Professional (PMP)

For anyone in information technology or engineering, gaining a PMP certification can be a pivotal career milestone. Project managers know how to successfully balance special projects with daily tasks. They take leadership roles and take the lead on team communication, project updates, and management of timelines, deliverables, and budgets. They also know how to detect and avoid project-related issues.

Ready, Set, Connect!

Employers are always seeking IT candidates that pursue self-improvement through enhancing their skills with training and development. Reach out to our experienced recruiters to learn about exciting IT job opportunities that may be the ideal fit for you. Contact the staffing experts at Jarvi Group today!

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