Tech companies know a trend prediction in January can become a punchline by June, and unfortunately, being a top tech organization requires staying on top of trends as they shift throughout the course of the year.

Below are a handful of technology trends that are expected to remain strong throughout the rest of 2019 (and possibly beyond).

Augmented Analytics

Data scientists have massive quantities of information to collect, evaluate and draw conclusions from. Involving automated, machine-learning algorithms, augmented analytics is the next significant wave of data science and analytics tools. Augmented analytics can locate insights much faster than previous technologies, while detaching human bias. Although companies can unintentionally insert bias into the system, augmented analytics are designed to reduce it, and they are gradually being embedded into various enterprise applications.

On top of this trend, so-called “citizen data scientists” are increasingly using augmented analytics to create hypotheses and spot patterns in the information. Companies have been looking to citizen data scientists as an approach to enabling and scaling their data science efforts. At least 40 percent of data science tasks are expected to be automated by the end of the year, causing considerably greater productivity.

Digital Twins in IoT

A digital twin is a digital model made to mirror a physical object or system, such as a baseball bat or a city.

With respect to the Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins are increasingly supporting decision making by supplying data on maintenance and dependability, clues about how a product could perform more efficiently, information about new products and boosted efficiency.

Edge Computing 2.0

As the quantity of information being generated is constantly on the rise, the latency associated with cloud computing is increasingly becoming a substantial shortcoming of the technology. By being situated “on the edge”, or nearer to where processing must happen, edge computing is intended to tackle the latency issue of cloud computing.

Right now, much of the focus for edge computing related to IoT systems is designed to provide disconnected or distributed capabilities. The increased use of edge computing is expected to confront latency and other IoT issues, as well as facilitate various aspects of digital and IT business solutions.

Digital Ethics

Users of technology have a growing understanding of the value of personal data, and they are ever more worried about how it’s being gathered and used by various organizations. Companies that don’t take notice of these concerns are at risk of a serious backlash.

Also, governments are increasingly proposing or passing privacy-related laws businesses must adhere to, and shoppers are carefully guarding or removing data about themselves. Businesses must gain and sustain trust in order to succeed. They must also have strong cultural values to ensure they are seen as trustworthy.

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