Many employers avoid outsourcing their hiring because of the highly visible costs.

However, outsourcing offers numerous benefits that can offset these costs. For instance, when department managers don’t have to spend hours reviewing applicant resumes, they have more time to find solutions to nagging issues, make improvements and drive up revenue.

Furthermore, many of these benefits can be realized immediately. The following four benefits of outsourcing a hiring process listed below can have an immediate positive impact on your organization.

1) More Time

Time is our most precious resource. Given enough time, you can achieve almost anything.

When you outsource your hiring, one of the biggest immediate benefits is more time. Managers in your company suddenly don’t have to spend hours screening resumes or conducting interviews. Also, because staffing firms have immediate access to a large pool of candidates, they are able to hire someone much faster than an in-house team.

2) Hiring-Specific Knowledge and Resources

Staffing agencies have expertise and knowledge that exceeds the typical human resources department. The HR department at a typical company is in communication with only a few kinds of professionals. On the other hand, most staffing agencies are connected to a wider range of people. Among other things, this diversity of contacts offers more opportunities to find out about the tools, trends and technology driving success in hiring.

Staffing companies also have highly experienced personnel who have a deep knowledge of the labor market. These folks are adept at identifying the best candidates from a large pool of applicants by using the requirements laid out by their clients.

3) Flexibility

When a company outsources its hiring, it facilitates the use of three different employment options: Temporary, full-time and temp-to-hire.

The temporary and temp-to-hire arrangements afford a company considerable flexibility. The use of temporary employees allows a company to scale up or scale down its workforce based on demand or other factors. The use of a temp-to-hire approach has the added benefit of trying out individual workers to see if they are suitable for a full-time position; which is a more flexible route than offering a full-time position upfront.

4) Lower Risk

There are a great deal of legal obligations included in being an employer, such as covering employment taxes, having insurance coverage and adhering to labor laws. Hiring workers also comes with many legal and financial risks.

When an employer hires temporary staff through a staffing company, the business takes on a lot of these concerns and liabilities. Staffing companies are commonly considered the “employer of record” with regards to the temporary employees. So, generally speaking, the staffing company maintains total responsibility over the employment of temporary workers it assigns to a client.

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