Relocating for a job can be one of the most stress-filled situations in life. In addition to adjusting to a different job and group of co-workers, you must establish a new home in a new town.

If you have a partner who has agreed to relocate with you, it means someone else will be dealing with the transition alongside you. For them, the challenges and stress may be even greater than the ones you are facing. While you may be moving to take on an exciting new job opportunity, your partner may not have that same sense of anticipation.

The relocation and settling-in period can put a great deal of stress on your relationship. As you adapt to your new job and living situation, your partner may feel isolated and disoriented in a new town. You and your partner can easily become resentful during this period, which only adds to the overall stress of the situation.

Before and during this transition, it is important to consider a few important things.

Your Partner’s Career

Relocations tend to be particularly hard for couples who are both working professionals. If your partner is dissatisfied in their current job, relocating for your career can be a blessing. However, if your partner likes their current job situation, relocating for you is an even bigger sacrifice than it otherwise would be.

In either situation, it is a good idea to research career possibilities in the area for your partner. If you find very limited opportunities, you should seriously reconsider the move, especially if career is very important to your partner.

Financial Considerations

If possible, don’t be in a financial position where your partner has to take the first job that comes their way just to make ends meet. Your new salary ought to allow for financial stability until your partner can find a job that is both financially and professionally rewarding.

In working out if your new salary will be adequate for a short time, don’t just look at your paycheck, or potential paycheck. Be sure you understand the cost of living in the area you are looking to relocate to, the potential benefits package as well as housing costs.

Attachment to Your Current Area

If your partner is accustomed to the idea of starting over in a new area without having loved ones nearby, moving for a new job with won’t be that bad. However, if your partner has always lived in the same town or has a serious emotional attachment to your current area, the change may be particularly challenging.

One effective way to fight homesickness and a sense of isolation in a new town is being able to look forward to seeing family or friends. Plan for a trip back or having out-of-town loved ones come to visit within your first couple months.

We Can Help Make Your Transition Easier

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