Many people become sales managers because of a great track record in sales. However, many habits of great sales reps aren’t very useful in a sales manager position.

If you’re a new sales manager, or just looking to step up your management game, consider the following habits of top sales managers.

1) Understand What Motivates Individual Sales Reps

Some sales managers think that their reps are motivated by dollars alone but pay should only be a portion of trying to motivate your team.

Take a moment with each rep and discuss what’s motivating them to do a good job. Then, individually tailor incentives to speak to these motivations. For instance, if one rep says they are looking to get into management, you could reward them with leadership roles in various initiatives.

2.) Help Reps Gain Experience

Figure out ways to put your sales reps in situations where they can learn. For instance, you could put a rep in a low-risk negotiation with a client you can afford to drop. The best approach to get your reps ready for high-stakes scenarios is to get their feet wet in low-risk situations.

3) Give Regular Feedback

Professionals in any field are less likely to be dedicated to their job if their manager doesn’t show proper appreciation and feedback. Sales reps need to be recognized for major achievements. By establishing straightforward expectations and sensible goals, then offering timely and constructive feedback, reps will know they’re supported and appreciated, making them more likely to do good work.

4) Let Reps Walk Their Own Path

What helped you achieve success as a sales rep may be different from what will help others succeed. If you see someone taking a path that didn’t work out for you, try not to stop them from taking that risk. They may end up with a more favorable outcome than you did, and you will have saved yourself a difficult conversation.

5) Focus on Profits

When you were closing sales, you probably didn’t give much thought to profit for your company. Now, as a manager, you need to be acutely aware of the profits, as this awareness helps you control key factors that can enable or hinder your reps.

6) Keep Building Relationships

It is essential for a sales manager to focus on networking. Developing your network and keeping in touch with connections is vital to success as a manager in any industry, but to sales in particular.

7) Set a High Standard

Set high standards through a strong personal work ethic. If you want your team to put in good work and occasionally go above and beyond, you need to lead by example.

8) Keep Learning

As a sales manager, you must always be pursuing education and encouraging your team to do the same. Show an eagerness to remain at the top of your game and offer regular training for your team.

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