Born between 1981 and 1997, millennials are coming into their own as a force to be reckoned with in today’s workplace. 

Millennials grew up with a computer and an internet connection in their homes. They also grew up during a time when there was an increasing focus on parents being fully engaged in the growth and development of their children.  

The result is a tech-savvy and fully engaged generation of workers that is hyper-aware of what possibilities are out there and how to go about achieving various goals. For businesses, the distinctive qualities of the millennial generation offer many advantages, as seen below. 

1) Tech Know-How 

For younger Gen Xers, modern technology may be second nature, but for millennials, it’s first nature. This generation grew up with computers as their childhood toys. As a result, they are not only comfortable with many software programs, they’re also not afraid to “look under the hood” and figure out the causes for various bugs and glitches. 

2) Focus and Drive 

Growing up with more structure and access to information than past generation, Millennials tend to say personal development is the biggest focus of their career right now. Millennials are able to see distinct paths for their career and how to get from A to B. 

Companies that can harness this drive and focus through upward mobility and training initiatives will be able to develop a nucleus of homegrown leaders. 

3) More Transparency 

Thanks to the internet and mass media, the world is much less mysterious than it used to be, and this degree of transparency has informed the attitudes of millennials. They tend to expect and project transparency. They expect company structures based on inclusivity and merit. 

These millennial values translate to a much healthier company culture. 

4) They Are Good Team Members 

Having a childhood steeped in youth activities and digital communication, Millennials are used to working with others. They can communicate as effectively over instant messenger as they can on the phone; which feeds into effective teamwork. 

5) They Want Feedback 

Millennials thrive in a structured environment, and feedback is part of any good structured environment. This generation tends to be more open to feedback than past generations, especially when feedback is delivered in a constructive manner. Having more millennials in your workforce can feed into a positive feedback cycle, where employees stay on track and management is kept apprised of any emerging issues. 

6) They Are Principled 

Social media has given people seeking justice a platform they never had before, and millennials have come of age at a time when being unprincipled is harder than ever.  

Surveys show that Millennials want to work for a company they can be proud of, one that makes headlines for the right reasons. A highly engaged millennial workforce can help push corporate responsibility initiatives forward. 

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