The process of getting a new job can take a long time, and when you’re unemployed – you don’t have time to spare.

One of the best ways to avoid a critical career or financial situation is to always be on the lookout for your next job. If you don’t have any downtime between jobs, your resume doesn’t have any gaps and you don’t have to figure out ways to make ends meet.

However, there is much more to a proactive job searching than just avoiding a bad situation. Consider the following five reasons why you should always be looking for a new job.

1) Your Odds are Better

When you’re already employed, you’re more likely to feel confident about your abilities. You also have less to lose if you apply to a job and don’t get it, which can be freeing in an interview.

Finally, there’s just something more attractive about an applicant that is “already taken” by another company.

2) Work Toward Career Goals

When you’re in a job you feel comfortable in, it can be easy to lose sight of big career goals. There are a few lucky individuals who currently have their dream job. However, for most of us, our current job feels like a stepping stone on the way to a more ideal situation. Getting to that mountain top means being vigilant about career advancement. For people who don’t get complacent along the way, the reward of keeping eyes on the prize can be profoundly rewarding.

3) Stay on Top of Your Game

It can help to understand what opportunities out there and what companies are trying to find in your field. Remaining aware of the labor dynamics in your field helps you track your career progression and determine if you have the abilities and experience to advance to the next level.

Also, it’s nice to know your options if you have to leave. If you’ve been researching jobs and networking, you’ll be all set to get in the game, should you need to do so.

4) More Diverse Experience

Once upon a time, longevity with an employer was a good thing. Now, a diverse range of employment experiences can be even more impressive. In fact, many hiring managers tend to prefer people with a wide range of experience. Working at multiple companies can help you gain new abilities. It can also give you experience with different management styles, work environments and company values.

5) Better Adaptability

When you’re changing jobs every so often, it also forces you to adjust to new situations and adaptability is one skill employers are always trying to find in job candidates. Every time you successfully adapt to a new situation, it makes you more knowledgeable and better able to handle the next big change. Being more adaptable also makes you closer to achieving your full potential.

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